December 1, 2020

Important 2020 Year-End Dates

As we approach year-end, please be aware of the following deadlines.

Contributions: December 31, 2020. For your giving to FJC to qualify for a 2020 tax deduction, we must receive your contributions by December 31.

  • Electronic payments. As we continue to work remotely, we ask that all cash contributions are sent by credit card, ACH, or wire transfer and received by FJC by December 31. Using electronic payments ensures the most efficient crediting of your account and also reduces the risk of our staff’s exposure to Covid-19. Please contact FJC for instructions.
  • Securities. Contributions of securities and mutual fund shares should be made as soon as possible and received by FJC by December 31. Please notify us in advance of the transfer so we can promptly credit your fund
  • Paper checks (highly discouraged this year). Although we highly discourage mailing paper checks to our office for the reasons listed above, please note that contributions of cash to your FJC account sent via U.S. mail (not FedEx, DHL or others) must be postmarked by December 31 to qualify as a 2020 tax deduction. Deliveries by other means must be received by December 31. Please contact us if you plan to send paper checks by any means so we can provide directions to ensure that the funds are received by December 31.
  • Other assets. We welcome imaginative donors that want to contribute illiquid assets like real estate, restricted securities, privately held stock or Bitcoin. Since these transactions require longer lead times, let’s start this conversation in the New Year.

The Deadline for Year-End Distributions Has Passed. It typically takes us up to 10 business days to process grant recommendations, so we notified accountholders by email that December 18, 2020 was the final deadline to ensure grant approvals and distributions this year. Depending on volume, we may be able to accommodate a small number of urgent, last-minute requests, so contact Grants Administrator Christian Hartig (