Solutions for Nonprofits

Solutions for Nonprofits

We are nonprofit practitioners who apply our financial and operational expertise to meet the needs of the sector. Every relationship begins with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind.

Agency Loan Fund

A nimble resource for dynamic nonprofits. For rates, terms, and application procedures, click here.


The Doe Fund acquires Bronx building site with FJC loan

When time was running short for The Doe Fund to acquire a property in Bronx, NY for their newest supportive housing development, they turned to FJC. "FJC was ready to provide financing almost quicker than we were ready to accept it,” explains John McDonald, The Doe Fund’s Chief Operating Officer. Learn more.

Photo courtesy of African Women's Collaborative for Healthy Food Systems

Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Incubate your nonprofit organization or project under our 501(c)(3) umbrella. We'll collect your tax-deductible contributions and disburse grants, vendor payments as needed. Learn More..


An Institute Grows to Advance the Teaching Legacy of Elie Wiesel

The inaugural cohort of the Witness Fellowship: Amisha Harding, Rabbi Dr Ariel Burger, Cheyenne Paris, Hope England, Joe Haley, Juliana Taimoorazy , Nicole Starr, Ross Cohen, and Shaaroni Wong.

The Witness Fellowship inaugural cohort features a diverse group of inspiring leaders reflecting a variety of fields and passions: public education, comedy and therapeutic practice, advocacy for the rule of law, racial justice activism, and Holocaust education. Says Rabbi Dr. Ariel Burger, “Having FJC’s support behind me, taking care of the details, allowed me to be responsive to the moment, to take the risk, to take the plunge.” Read more..

The inaugural cohort of the Witness Fellowship: Amisha Harding, Rabbi Dr Ariel Burger, Cheyenne Paris, Hope England, Joe Haley, Juliana Taimoorazy , Nicole Starr, Ross Cohen, and Shaaroni Wong.
Photo courtesy of Cultural Heritage Finance Alliance

Loan Servicing & Administration

Starting a nonprofit loan fund? Match your capital source to our 25 years of leanding operations experience.

CHiFA accelerates its launch by leveraging FJC's lending infrastructure

The Cultural Heritage Finance Alliance (CHiFA) invests in cultural heritage sites around the world, raising loan capital from foundations and other mission-lenders. To enable this new organization to remain lean and focused on mission, FJC brings its scaled operational platform to deliver back office support and ancillary services, including servicing for its international project loan fund. To meet CHiFA’s unique needs, FJC mixed and recombined elements of our Fiscal Sponsorship Program and our lending capabilities. Learn more.

“FJC brings the advantage of more than 25 years of experience in loan servicing and financial management, which will give us, our partners and investors confidence that we will launch our initiative with a high degree of operational excellence.”

Bonnie Burnham President of CHiFA
Photo courtesy of Brighter Tomorrows

Cash Flow Solutions

Work with your major donors to develop a revolving resource to lend against cash flow receiveables.

Use Your Donors' Philanthropic Capital as Your Line of Credit
How it works
  • Similar to a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) account, but set up to allow donors to deploy the capital in the account as loans to the designated organization.
  • Loans may be drawn to bridge documented grant commitment or contract receivable from a public or private source, with a minimum interest rate of 1% per annum.
  • Funds in the account may revolve as loans indefinitely.
  • Loans may be written off and converted to a grant at any time at the discretion of the donors.
Notice for Grantseekers

FJC is not able to accept unsolicited proposals for grant support, because our grantmaking is responsive to our donors’ recommendations.