March 2, 2022

Crisis in Ukraine

Many of our donors have reached out in recent days to ask about how to support humanitarian efforts underway in the unfolding crisis in Ukraine.

Below are some eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are active in the region. 

Note for our donors: FJC has recently upgraded its donor portal, so you will need to update your password this first time you use it.   Please use the EIN numbers provided to search for these organizations in the donor portal.


Razom for Ukraine (EIN 46-4604398) was founded on purely volunteering efforts of Ukrainian Americans in NYC during the 2013-14 Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine.  Razom has maintained an open Emergency Response project since the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 where they mobilized to procure medical and tactical supplies to the eastern front.  They picked up this project again in 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to fundraise for, procure, and deliver medical supplies across covid hot spots in Ukraine.  Since 2014, the Emergency Response fund has always remained open for donors so that they were in a position to act swiftly in support of Ukrainians in crisis situations.

United Help Ukraine (EIN 47-1837509) is working to provide life-saving individual first aid kits (IFAKs) containing blood-stopping bandages and tourniquets and other emergency medical supplies to the front lines and is cooperating with other emergency response organizations to prepare humanitarian aid to civilians that might be directly affected by Russia’s attack.

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) (EIN 13-6219868) has developed a relief fund to support  provision of vital humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.  UCCA is a non-profit, non-partisan community-based organization that has represented the interests of Ukrainians in the United States since 1940.  With a National Office in New York City, a bureau in Washington, D.C. and dozens of local grassroots chapters throughout the United States, UCCA’s staff and a nationwide network of volunteers advocate in the name of over 1.5 million Americans of Ukrainian descent.

The International Rescue Committee (EIN 13-5660870 is launching an emergency appeal to help support displaced families in Ukraine with critical aid.  Since the International Rescue Committee (IRC) was first founded at the request of Albert Einstein in 1933, our global team of more than 17,000 staff have helped people upended by conflict and crisis to survive, recover, and regain control of their lives.

HIAS (EIN 13-5633307) is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and neighboring countries and is responding with emergency humanitarian assistance to those who are displaced.  HIAS team members are on the ground right now in Poland and Moldova to assess the humanitarian situation and determine the appropriate next steps. Closer to home, HIAS is advocating in the US for appropriations to fund the humanitarian response, as well as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Ukrainians..

UJA-Federation of New York (EIN 51-0172429) hosted a webinar on March 1, 2022 featuring nonprofit practitioners who will provide real-time information on the Ukraine Jewish community.  The webinar will feature two organizations active in Ukraine: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) (EIN 13-1656634) and the Jewish Agency (JAFI) (EIN 23-0053483).  The webinar is available here.